Letting Go

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It’s official…

Well loves, it’s official: Miles To Be Clean has been completed and sent off to the poetry contest! This marks the spot for a long journey ahead and I could not be happier. Push your fear and hesitation aside, guys… go for it!

1506687_573748182762486_4787037261956531172_nWho knows… maybe one day you’ll see my book in the window 😉

Throwing Rocks

Throwing rocks into the water,
As I stand along the bank.
Hurling one after another,
Til I saw they had not sank.

I stood there and I pondered,
Why that this would be.
For why would rocks that I have thrown,
Stay atop the sea?

I searched around for one more stone,
The biggest of them all.
One that’s size and weight alone
Could make the rest of them fall.

Stopping in my tracks,
I gazed at the sheet of steel.
I could not describe what it was,
Or the way it made me feel.

But staring at each failed attempt,
I saw each one so clear.
And as I came to accept them all,
They began to disappear.


If only I could play

This is from a word prompt I was given. I asked for a topic and this is one I got: “Baseball”.


“If only I could play,” he says as he kicks the dirt.


“I would be the best there ever was and everyone would like me.

I would catch the ball and throw the ball and run faster than lightning.

I would hit the ball every time and slide under every tag.

I’d be the most important person on the field. I’d be the pitcher… yea.”


“So what’s stopping you, son?”


“Well, er, they already have a catcher, see. And the fastest boy in town.

That shortstop gets the gold glove and the pitcher shuts everyone down.

They’ve all got jerseys and gloves and a position that they play.

I can’t play baseball this year, dad, I missed the tryout day.”