It’s official…

Well loves, it’s official: Miles To Be CleanĀ has been completed and sent off to the poetry contest! This marks the spot for a long journey ahead and I could not be happier. Push your fear and hesitation aside, guys… go for it!

1506687_573748182762486_4787037261956531172_nWho knows… maybe one day you’ll see my book in the window šŸ˜‰


We are not different


If we drive a wedge between us,Ā a wedge we will form.

We are not different.

I am not greater. I am not less.

Do not separateĀ us. Do not point to your corner and then point to mine.

We share the same path. We share the same dream.

We are not different.

I am not stronger. I am not weak.

Do not divide us. Do not position me hereĀ and then yourself there.

We share the same Father. We share the same home.

We are not different.