And though it creeps,
I am at a stand still.
It edges towards me and I cannot move,
I welcome it. I want it.
With my eyes closed, it’s painful warmth embraces me.
I do not want this. Help me out.


If only I could play

This is from a word prompt I was given. I asked for a topic and this is one I got: “Baseball”.


“If only I could play,” he says as he kicks the dirt.


“I would be the best there ever was and everyone would like me.

I would catch the ball and throw the ball and run faster than lightning.

I would hit the ball every time and slide under every tag.

I’d be the most important person on the field. I’d be the pitcher… yea.”


“So what’s stopping you, son?”


“Well, er, they already have a catcher, see. And the fastest boy in town.

That shortstop gets the gold glove and the pitcher shuts everyone down.

They’ve all got jerseys and gloves and a position that they play.

I can’t play baseball this year, dad, I missed the tryout day.”


Waiting on this train
Wanting to be on the other side
Wishing it would pass so that I could move forward
I’ve got better things
I’ve got better places
But I’m being held here
Waiting on this train

We are not different


If we drive a wedge between us, a wedge we will form.

We are not different.

I am not greater. I am not less.

Do not separate us. Do not point to your corner and then point to mine.

We share the same path. We share the same dream.

We are not different.

I am not stronger. I am not weak.

Do not divide us. Do not position me here and then yourself there.

We share the same Father. We share the same home.

We are not different.